Support for self-care is growing around the world.

We are pleased to collaborate with some of the world’s best research organisations and alongside our advocacy counterparts internationally and nationally.

Research institutions

Mitchell Institute for Education and Health, Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

The Mitchell Institute for Education and Health Policy at Victoria University is one of the country’s leading health policy think tanks and trusted thought leaders. The Institute works to inform and influence public policy and practice to improve the health and education opportunities for all Australians, including those in socio-economically disadvantaged communities. The Mitchell Institute is also home to the Australian Health Policy Collaboration, an initiative that brings together over 50 leading health organisations to drive progress in tackling chronic disease.

The relationship between the Alliance and the Mitchell Institute is a true partnership. While the Alliance has commissioned policy research from the Institute, the Institute has also initiated its own work on self-care independently.

Professor Rosemary Calder, AM, Professor of Health Policy at the Mitchell Institute is the Chief Policy Advisor to the Alliance. The Alliance is committed to the implementation of the Institute’s Self-Care for Health: A National Policy Blueprint as its main priority.

Self-Care Academic Research Unit Imperial College London

The Self-Care Academic Research Unit (SCARU) is the first university academic unit dedicated specifically to the study of self-care in the UK. SCARU’s mission is to make the absolute case for self-care by identifying and studying the ways in which individuals, communities and existing health and social care infrastructure and assets can improve people’s self-care behaviours and overall sense of mental health and general wellbeing, addressing in particular opportunities and barriers to self-care in the contemporary settings.

SCARU will consider how self-care can be embedded as a cross-cutting theme to inform health systems development and evidence-based policy prescriptions to support the routine adoption of health-seeking behaviours for the benefit of individuals and society.

The International Centre for Self-Care Research

The mission of the International Center for Self-Care Research is to lead the self-care research endeavor, improving conceptual clarity and promoting interdisciplinary work informed by a shared vision. The vision of the Center is a world where self-care is prioritized by individuals, families, and communities and is the first line of approach in every health care encounter.

Advocacy Counterparts

Global Advocacy - International Self-Care Foundation

The International Self-Care Foundation champions self-care around the world. In practical terms this involves helping to develop evidence-based self-care concepts and practices and helping to promote the role of self-care in health. ISF works with stakeholders in health, to support countries, communities, and individuals in the adoption of evidence-based self-care practices.

UK Advocacy - Self Care Forum

The Self Care Forum is a UK charity which aims to further the reach of self-care and embed it into everyday life. It aims to change the attitudes and behaviours of patients, practitioners and the public and support the rational use of products and services to improve health and wellbeing whilst reducing pressure on the health service. Founded in 2011, the UK Self Care Forum is the first advocacy organisation in the world established to promote self-care.
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